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One Day Transparent Mask

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One Day Transparent Mask

Disposable transparent hygiene mask

│ Mainly used place │

Where can I use it?
Any employees who handle food, interact with customers, and anywhere in the public.
- hotel, restaurants, buffer, cafe, grocery markets, shopping malls, food court, food vendors
- schools, military, any public area, public cafeteria
- beauty parlor, nail salons, spa, skin care

│ Difference from the expensive transparent mask before used │

- It is light to wear for a long time comfortably
- It is a new product which improve the public health be widely distributed in convenience food area and free sample food stand.
- It is a disposable product which has short replacement time without using a stretched mask or discolored mask with the make up.
- Because of affordable price, there is a little pressure to replace, buy a new product and maintenance.
- It has less vulnerable to throw away the product which has a light-weight with a sheet of plastic, because of broken the transparent part.
- It has less concern to breakdown, damage or loss with simplify the structure of the product.

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One Day Transparent Mask

One Day Transparent Mask